…We and the last plankton

There are the so-called plankton organisms, These are different types of organisms that live in a “suspended” state that cannot swim against the water stream, such as: Larvae, jellyfish and species of crustaceans. It is called biology: Wandering creatures. Neither she can move freely nor grow up and become strong. They remain in that condition and are easy food for other marine organisms and sometimes may cause poisoning to the organisms they feed on.

Regardless of the role of these plankton in achieving the ecological balance that was created for it, However, the condition of these plankton is the case of many people who remain “trapped” in negative past experiences and prisoners of all those destructive ideas they speak to themselves. They cannot take a clear stand of life and cannot swim reverse the tide if the current is against their goals and desires. They are easy prey to the negative thoughts of others and may be exploited psychologically and emotionally because their supposed psychological power to protect them from this exploitation suffers from severe fatigue and weakness that they cannot resist any new problems or withstand all that may destroy them.

The ideas and emotions resulting from past experiences, whether the negative childhood experiences that have left an undesirable effect, or the relationships that have failed for one reason or another or any difficult experiences – is a large prison that may further narrow until its owner is strangled and reaches a state of depression and despair. The person may be given ideas of the type: “Why is this happening to me?”, “Why do people hate me?” “I am a helpless and frustrated human being”, to the point of reaching extremely demolition ideas such as: “I deserve everything that happens to me.”
The fact that no one at all “deserves” suffering or feeling desperate or depressed, There are different ways of thinking that might help us to perceive these past events differently and try to understand them and see them from outside the box rather than within it. We control what we think and what we feel, A phrase that may appear duplicated and consumed but is true and realistic and it is your duty to give it a chance to control what happens to it. You have your thoughts “O God I forgive you from sadness and sorrow” A famous Doaa we learned from the biography of the Holy Prophet – peace be upon him, one of the most beautiful and comprehensive prayers. Ibn al-Juziyah explains this du’aa ‘ in the “interpretation of values” and says: “Valem and Sadness are two of the pain of the soul and its torments and the difference between them: The illusion of evil in the future and the sadness of suffering in the past or the loss of the beloved, both suffer and torment in the spirit, the attachment to the past is called sadness and to be attached to the future named two.
Grief over what has happened in the past hurts and upsets oneself and connects the owner to the feeling of helplessness, lack of self-confidence and inability to walk towards the future or even to enjoy the present.
Our impression of the past is an idea, we own it that we have the keys to understand it and we understand the lessons and wisdom. How do we have our ideas? Do not leave the files of the past open, what does that mean? Any event, experience or situation is a file that the brain automatically stores and if we add our personal feelings and interpretations, it will become We have a large file full of information – whether true or false – and emotions and ideas. Think of the number of files you left open and leak from time to time feelings of fear, anger, feeling of injustice and sadness and how it all affects your current life.

And when you read this article. Remember a past attitude that affected you and still can’t get rid of its effects until today. Grab a paper and a pen and ask yourself:
– Do I really want to close past files and continue my life?
– How do these experiments affect my current life? How do you make me feel?
– How would I be if I looked at these past files in a positive way and managed to change the feelings of anger with tolerance? and sadness with satisfaction And fear with confidence that nothing happens to me except for his wisdom?
– What strengths have you added to these experiments?
– What are the negative habits or toxic relationships that I need to change or dispose of to live a more satisfying and happy life?
– What is the simplest step I can do now that might help me change my life? “If that were to smile when greeting others, or offer help to someone else “stand with yourself a truthful pause, We need honesty with ourselves before we show it to others in order to discover our strengths and weaknesses, and we can fill our psychological balance to face life, achieve our goals and live with greater satisfaction and happiness.

Always remember: Extreme pressure is what turns black charcoal into a stylish diamond.

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