Stuck in your life? 5 tips to get Unstuck

Maybe you feel stuck in your current job!

Or you’re stuck in a healthy condition that consumes your physical energy!

You may be stuck in your marriage and you can’t decide to break up without causing harm to your family members.

Or you may be stuck in a financial situation that you are not satisfied with, Or a social environment that doesn’t fit your values or the way you see this world.

At some point in our lives, we all feel like we’re stuck or imprisoned in a specific situation, We can’t go back or move forward or make a decision that might involve some risk,

How do we deal with this?

Here are 5 quick ideas/tips that might help you get over this feeling:

1. Remind yourself of all the blessings and good things you have now that make you feel grateful, Your job that you hate now brings you a stable income, Your environment which you see as restraining, combines your friends and family who support you emotionally in difficult situations. Your marriage or your emotional debilitating relationships include people you love, who know your value and recognize your importance. Remind yourself of all the blessings you have now.

2. You need to know that nothing remains the same, The only consistent law in this life is the law of change, What you think will never change you might be surprised one day by a big change that you didn’t expect. Life surprises you when you least expect it.

3. You may not be able to change your current circumstances for some reason, But you can change your response to what’s happening with you. You can keep complaining constantly and feeling helpless, Or you can do what you are able to do to enjoy what you have now and continue to improve yourself and your skills. It is important also to trust the wisdom of Allah.

4. You are now where you should be, even if you think otherwise. Being in this circumstance, environment or relationship may be a reason to give you more experience that you will need later in your life, You may become more appreciative of the blessings that will come to you in the future because you know exactly what it feels like to lose them. Your presence in this place and time now may also be a reason to change someone’s life or take care of your children until they grow up, for example, Or make new friends you wouldn’t have made if you hadn’t been through this difficult time.

5. Always remind yourself that you deserve to live a better life. So do what you can to be ready for that life and don’t listen to negative self-talk which sometimes tells you that you don’t deserve to be in a better place and time.