A worthwhile trip

Have you ever asked yourself: What is it worth me to do for all the tiredness and to face hardships to reach? What is the journey that is worth my travel and investment in my time, effort, nerves, skills, relationships with people and my attempts to develop myself?
If you have not asked yourself before, ask her now: What is the journey I am willing to make for everything to travel?
In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice arrived at the crossroads of this wondrous journey and at the junction was a tree lying on it, Alice asked him: “Which way do I take?” replied the Cat: “Where do you want to go?” replied Alice, “I don’t know!”, said the cat: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you will.”
We come to this life and find a society ready and stuffed with different ideas, habits and values, This community is trying to print us in public printing and to fit in with a social template that is over a long time to reach its current image. Everything in this image is of aesthetics and will be as well as all its ugliness or negation of all that is different and strange.
Walk in this world and you are wondering: “Do I walk with the current as it is in its beauty and ugliness?” “Do I dare to show what God has bestowed upon me with distinction and difference?” “Am I able to start this battle in which many people seek to frustrate me and me to find meaning to my life and to be myself unique that resembles me and chime in with the rest of society with its many differences?”
What’s most important to me: To live a harmonious life with what the community wants even if it is devoid of any meaning or purpose or seek to explore what I want and define my message and goals?
. In a study published in Journal of Research in Personality on the importance of a clear message in life, the study concluded that those who have a specific vision and a clear goal in their lives increase their income and their health improves.
In clarifying the difference between living a happy life or living a meaningful and valuable life in a research published by the Journal of Positive Psychology Research Journal of Positive Psychology – a group of researchers at Stanford University from the College of Business Administration – made a comparison between the happy life and the valuable life that has A meaning in their owners and they tried to explore the differences between them. After the study of 397 people surveyed for a whole month, the study concluded that the concept of happy life was linked to the taking and receiving without giving while the concept of life was associated with the value of the tender rather than the introduction.
The study also made it clear that the following important differences between the concept of happy life and the valuable concept of life:
1. While satisfying the different needs and desires of individuals has been an important source of happiness, it does not mean that human life with this happiness has become meaningful and meaningful.
2-Happiness is linked to the present time and what we need now and feel comfortable, While meaningful life is related to the past with its experiences and experiences, and present with the needs and requirements, And the future with its aspirations and goals.
3. There was a significant difference in the nature of social relations between the two concepts: Happiness is linked to the presence of good friends, Their presence stimulates our different positive emotions, but without a great sense of responsibility towards them, While value life is tied to the tender towards the family and loved ones who are close to the soul and this type of close relationship is what helps the person to overcome the different crises and difficulties.
4. Meaningful life in which the human being faces many difficulties and a lot of stress and fatigue and may sometimes feel less happiness, For example, the upbringing of children is an experience and a life experience that has great happiness in children, but it involves tension, anxiety and many difficult situations and moments.
5-If happiness is related to satisfying our needs in order to be happy, the value and meaning in our lives is linked to the sense of human value and self-esteem and the realization of a great message created to achieve it.

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